Crafting A Better Tomorrow



Mocking a Difference

The S.V. Foundation is a charitable organization that focuses on crafting a better tomorrow through CHOICE. Our mission is about mocking a difference to help eliminate unnecessary social pressures through The Mocktail Project while crafting memorable social events such as A Drink For You. Our efforts are not solely focused on the 23.5 million individuals who are in active recovery today, we are focused on creating a culture that is inclusive for all. Our efforts are about crafting a better lifestyle for all. The S.V Foundation donates directly towards organizations and foundations who focuses on helping the betterment of individuals lives.


"Crafting a better tomorrow to elevate our social experience through choice and inclusion." J.H -Founder


 Mocking A Difference Together

The Mocktail Project is a sustainable funding alternative to help generate a greater financial assistance effort to be paid forward towards strategic organizations within our communities.  The S.V Foundation is spearheading a movement to help eliminate unnecessary social pressures through your favorite social settings who are willing to craft and serve non-alcoholic beverages, for the person who would enjoy a tasty alternative. CHOICE.  


"Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much." Helen Keller-


Choosing to Mockoff

Choosing to Mock Off is much more than a mantra, it's a lifestyle. Each year 23.5 million individuals choose to live life in active recovery, and nearly 33% of Americans choose not to drink on any given day, regardless of the why. We believe that by not offering CHOICE, our society is forcing unnecessary social pressures to what we would enjoy drinking in social enviroments. Crafting a non-alcholic beverage doesn't hurt social enviroments, it elevates the experiance for everyone. Our founder, Jesse Hawkins, believes that choosing to Mock Off is truly going to be the new social norm.

Social Mixology

The S.V.F recognizes how difficult it can be to address every social stigma while trying to create a great social enviroment, let alone help to alter an entire social lifestyle. Our founder has had the unique ability to travel all over the world, and regardless of where he has ordered a drink, sparked up a conversation, or danced the night away, he always reverts his conversation back to the enviroments that catered to his experiance, the crafted experiance. Not bashful about his past. Jesse has expressed how he use to feel different, alone, socially awkward at times, and the cause and effect of feeling alienated because of his story in certain social settings. This is why the S.V.F is spearheading a MOVEMENT based around offering CHOICE a lifestyle movement geared towards crafting inclusion. A project to offer the crafted experiacne for everyone.

A splash of social responsibility

The concept behind A Drink For You started when our founder, Jesse, realized that he could no longer enjoy the craftmanship behind a alcoholic beverage. This doesn't mean he doesn't support a well made beverage, he just understands that he personally can't enjoy the reason why a spirit is made in the first place, crafted to enjoy. Insert Mocktails, the new CHOICE. A crafted alternative to elevate your experiacne through taste and conversation, a drink that combines the craftsmanship of the drinks he once loved, only with a splash of social responsibility . A CHOICE that will help to destigmatize the why behind what we order from our favorite social settings. A CHOICE that will help to alter our social lifestyles for the better.

Our Annual Charity Social Mixer: A Drink For You

Elevating your social experience through choice and inclusion.


Help Us Mock A Difference

Starting a movement to eliminate unnecessary social pressures takes time.  If we are currently not in your backyard please continue to follow our journey. In the mean time, we would greatly appreciate your support in helping us bring our philosophy of choice to a social enviroment near you. Your Tax deductible contribution will go directly towards offering a choice for all.

Who the S.V.F Helps to Mock a Difference.